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Supporting wellbeing & health

Breath | Yoga | Meditation | Massage 



Chloë is senior yoga teacher with over a decade of experience delivering well-being
programmes both internationally and here in the UK. She has worked with numerous global brands and businesses across London including WPP, Adobe, Saatchi & Saatchi and Lululemon. Having studied psychology with Essex University and through her current study in soft tissue therapy, she is passionate about helping people to better understand the mind body connection; supporting people to foster lifelong practices to enhance their physical health and mental wellbeing.


Tailored yoga classes delivered in your business so that your team can develop and deepen their yoga practice in a small group environment.


Classes are structured to reflect the needs of each group and
offer balancing practices for modern day life, helping to release excess mental energy
through movement and breath.

Classes are typically presented weekly in person but can also be offered online. 


In our busy, demanding, and fast paced lives it is easy to become disconnected.

Not only to ourselves  but also to each other.
It can be challenging to find moments to stop, rest and connect, instead we get caught

in a cycle of doing. 

But there is another way…

Wellbeing masterclasses are designed to guide you and your team through simple but effective practices to ground, calm,
and regulate the nervous system through movement, breath, and other relaxation


These sessions can be delivered as a one off bespoke offering or more regularly as your  business needs. 


Following the iRest meditation protocol, these sessions are an effective approach to support personal meditative inquiry. Through the sessions you will be guided to meet and welcome everything just as it is. In co-meditation, we are learning to meet without an agenda to fix or change, and unconditionally welcome all that is arising.

We begin with an invitation to notice sensations, emotions and cognitions as messengers, and ask simple questions to help uncover what is present at each moment through felt sensations in the body rather than the mind. We always go with what is being presented, so this is led by your personal experience and not me. 

Co-meditation is typically offered online but in person is possible on request. 


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