for Kids

 Yoga is a wonderful way to support children’s development, physically, socially and emotionally. Through movement children build strength, flexibility, improve coordination and learn to respect their bodies. The principles of mindfulness help to nurture children’s confidence and self-esteem, improving concentration and focus so that they can better cope with stress, learn to relax and reduce anxiety. Underpinned by a sensitive approach to learning, yoga offers a safe space for children to build a foundation for lifelong well-being.


Rocket Boots Theatre & Big Toe Yoga presents a Summer Workshop at Alleyn's Junior School 8-12 August 10am - 3pm

This exciting holiday workshop will give children a safe space for creative exploration. Through a variety of drama, yoga and mindfulness activities, we bring together these complementary disciplines to support the holistic development of each child.


Learn, laugh and play


  • Develop performance skill

  • Practice yoga and mindfulness

  • Build confidence and self-esteem

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Chloë believes that yoga is for everyone, all ages, sizes and abilities. Having spent a decade teaching adults she trained with Bryony from YogaBeez to be able to share the magic of yoga with children. Chloë runs afterschool clubs and workshops for children aged 5-12 years.